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Music festival attendee charged with DUI/DWI related offenses

Music festivals and other such events often draw large crowds across Texas. Attendees spend the afternoon and evening listening to music, visiting with friends and sometimes having a drink or two. When it is time to go home, those who have had too much to drink depend upon friends or paid forms of transportation to take them home. However, if none are available, the temptation to go ahead and drive home can be great and can lead to charges of DUI/DWI.

Recently, after attending a local music festival, one 39-year-old man was apparently unable to secure alternate transportation home. There was a large demand for cabs, and one was not available when it was time for him to leave. As a result, he decided to drive home himself.

Unfortunately, on the way home, it appears that he struck a bicyclist. He continued driving home, where officers were waiting for him. After apparently indicating that he knew he should not have been driving, the man was arrested and charged with intoxicated assault as well as other DUI/DWI related charges.

In a situation such of this one, the Texas resident will want to seek the advice of experienced legal counsel. What appears to have been one poor decision on the part of the individual could have a potential devastating effect on his life. By working with an experienced defense team, he can be certain that his rights will be protected and will be able to answer the various DUI/DWI related charges expecting the best possible outcome.

Source:, “‘We got him’ TX woman on moped followed suspected hit-and-run driver“, Chris Davis, Oct. 11, 2017

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