Month: September 2017

Breathalyzer tests and Texas drivers

In the course of a typical DWI stop in Texas, police officers ask the driver to take a Breathalyzer test. The results are supposed to measure the blood alcohol concentration and ascertain whether it exceeds the legal limit. Many drivers harbor misconceptions about…

Over 80 charged with drug crimes in Austin

Many Texas cities cite problem areas where alleged drug activities occur. Often, undercover police officers infiltrate locations where drug crimes are suspected. Recently, Austin police officers issued warrants for over 80 people following a month-long operation. The Street Narcotics Team of the Austin…

How can I be convicted of DUI when I refused a test?

TV and movies make it seem as if Breathalyzer tests are necessary for someone to be charged with DUI and convicted. After all, there is rarely a scene where someone faces charges without a test in the picture. However, some people do refuse…

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