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Drug crimes: Kush lab found in Houston apartment complex

Texas is experiencing an increased number of incidents involving a synthetic drug named kush. Considered a synthetic cannabinoid, kush has a similar effect on its users as marijuana. As Houston has become a major hub for the manufacturing and distribution of the substance, drug crimes related to kush have increased. Authorities say that the discovery of a kush lab was recently made in a Houston apartment complex.

The Houston Fire Department responded to call from residents at an apartment building. The residents had apparently complained about an unusual odor in one of the units. Officers from the Houston Police Department also came to the complex. As the first responders searched the apartment, they say they discovered equipment and materials frequently used to manufacture kush. Upon this discovery, agents from the Texas Department of Public Safety came to assist in the case.

There was no one in the apartment at the time of the search. Officials have made no arrests, but the investigation continues. Houston’s mayor has identified kush as an issue and wants to rid it from the city’s streets. In 2016, 16 people overdosed on the drug in a city park and had to be hospitalized. In April, police officers discovered 600 pounds of kush that they valued at $2.5 million.

The penalties for drug crimes involving synthetic cannabinoids are much like those for marijuana and should not be taken lightly. A Texas attorney can help clients understand the charges against them and develop a strong defense. An experienced lawyer will focus on protecting the client’s legal rights and seek to minimize any negative consequences from the formal accusations.

Source:, “Police uncover kush lab operating inside west Houston apartment“, Stephen Dix, Aug. 18, 2017

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