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Texas City commissioner facing charges related to alleged DUI/DWI

It is never a wise decision for a driver to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks. In Texas, the penalty for DUI/DWI can range from losing a license and fines to time in jail. The consequences are more dire when a fatal accident occurs. A Galveston accident involving an elected Texas City official recently claimed the life of two pedestrians.

According to police, a pickup truck was parked on the shoulder of a road on the I-45 causeway in Galveston. A 59-year-old man and his 33-year-old son were standing near the driver’s side of the truck. The man’s son-in-law was working in the bed of the truck as the other men waited.

Another truck, driven by a 54-year-old woman, reportedly struck the two men after her truck veered off the road. The impact caused the father and son to be thrown into the area adjacent to the causeway. The woman was charged with two counts of intoxicated manslaughter, following the administration of blood tests.

The woman, a Texas City Commissioner, also purportedly said she had smoked marijuana before the accident. According to officials, she is required to use a breathalyzer prior to driving a motor vehicle. She is out on a bond that was set at $100,000.

A DUI/DWI charge and related charges may seem overwhelming. However, those facing these charges have the right to defend themselves. It is wise to have a knowledgeable advocate to help build a strong defense. An experienced Texas criminal defense attorney can work to minimize the negative effects on a client’s life.

Source:, “Father and Son Killed Near Galveston Causeway in Suspected DUI“, Danielle Husband, July 5, 2017

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