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4 ways a DUI impacts everyday life

Drinking and driving is a serious offense if a person ends up with a conviction. A first offense could lead to up to 180 days in jail and up to a $2,000 fine. However, these penalties are not the only negative outcomes. 

People arrested for a DUI need to fight the charges because the consequences extend far beyond initial fines. One conviction can impact a person’s life for years to come.

1. Employment problems

It can be extremely difficult for a person convicted of a DUI to get employment in the future. Whether it constitutes a misdemeanor or felony, it will show up on a background check. 

It can also affect the job a person has now. A DUI conviction may require a person to perform community service or attend frequent court dates. This places a significant stress on the job, and some employers may not allow it. 

2. Personal issues

People’s relationships with their friends, neighbors and family members can take a turn for the worse following a DUI conviction. A feeling of embarrassment can prevent people from spending as much time together as they used to. 

Additionally, a DUI can be detrimental to romantic relationships. Some people may not want to deal with a date or a partner who cannot drive anywhere. 

3. Increase in auto insurance rates

Insurance companies consider drivers convicted of a DUI to be “high risk.” This results in a drastic increase in rates. In addition to paying the initial fine, the person may be further inconvenienced by higher monthly payments. It is not unheard of for rates to triple following a DUI conviction. 

4. Risk of losing academic scholarships

Students applying for scholarships can expect background checks. Additionally, students who already have a scholarship may lose it if the police department contacts the school about the DUI conviction. A DUI can throw a person’s academic career into utter turmoil.

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