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Man facing DUI charge after driving captured on video

Holidays often bring an increased number of travelers on Texas roadways. To maintain safety during these times, there are frequently more police officers on patrol. Recently, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety, announced efforts to curb incidents of DUI during the Memorial Day weekend. Shortly after the effort was publicized, a driver was arrested for drunk driving.

A photographer for a Houston television station was driving on the evening of May 25. The photographer’s vehicle had a camera mounted on the dash. The camera captured footage of a man driving a vehicle as he apparently crossed the center turn lane. The video showed that the car then went into a ditch before coming back onto the road.

There was roughly 10 minutes of the video, which also purportedly showed the man being boxed in by other drivers at an intersection. A Sheriff’s Office spokesman reported that the driver was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of a medical condition. However, officers state that he will be charged with driving under the influence upon his release from the hospital.

Authorities have expressed concerns that incidents of driving under the influence occur frequently throughout Texas. It was revealed that Montgomery County has the state’s highest rate of impaired driving fatalities. Officials hope to reduce the number of incidents with an increased presence on the road.

Being arrested for DUI can result in serious consequences for a driver, with penalties ranging from loss of license and fines to time in jail. Anyone facing DUI charges has the right to defend themselves. A Texas criminal defense attorney can provide valuable guidance as someone navigates the legal process. An experienced lawyer can help clients understand the charges against them and work toward minimizing any negative impacts.

Source:, “Caught on camera: Man arrested after driving erratically in Montgomery County“, Grace White and Lauren Talarico, May 26, 2017

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