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Texas traffic stop leads to accusations of drug crimes

The vast majority of police officers in this country are committed to the pursuit of justice. Unfortunately, this desire can often result in overzealousness that results in a violation of a suspect’s rights. For example, one woman may be wondering if her rights were violated following a Texas traffic stop that resulted in accusations of drug crimes.

The incident happened in April. Reports indicate that police stopped a vehicle for what they described as a minor traffic infraction. The 25-year-old male driver reportedly could not provide proof that he had insurance. He also had two outstanding arrest warrants related to drug charges.

However, he reportedly informed police that his 18-year-old passenger had recently smoked marijuana. Marijuana residue was reportedly discovered in a baggie in the car as part of a search. Both people were taken into custody. The teenager is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. She faces further criminal problems due to a fatal crash in which she reportedly played a role.

In a situation such as Texas police describe, the driver could have easily said anything to protect himself. It is unclear if police were able to determine who any materials actually belonged to — the driver or the passenger. Unfortunately, most people facing accusations of drug crimes are unsure on the best ways to ensure that their rights are protected as they navigate through the criminal justice system. However, an attorney with experience with such cases can help them make informed decisions and ensure they are treated lawfully.

Source: chron.coom, “Woman charged in Galveston DUI death arrested again in Friendswood“, Craig Hlavaty, April 21, 2017

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