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Teens and DUIs: When one mistake impacts the future

While parents may not want to hear it, the truth is that many teenagers drink alcohol. Sometimes, these same teenagers drink to excess, make unwise decisions and end up facing DUI charges. These charges can result in some rather hefty consequences. Here is a breakdown of what a teenager may face after a DUI arrest:

Lost college and funding opportunities

This is a time in life when college and scholarships are often top of mind for everyone in the family. However, a DUI charge can make acceptance into a first-choice college significantly harder-and in some cases impossible. Additionally, a DUI conviction can lead to financing troubles as the arrest could lead to disqualification for scholarships and federal funding, especially if the conviction results in incarceration in a juvenile detention or correctional facility.

Loss of driving privileges

A DUI arrest often leads to license suspension. Teens may need to satisfy criteria before they can have their driving privileges reinstated, such as having interlock ignition devices installed in a vehicle and driver restrictions that would only allow them to legally drive while under supervision. Other requirements may include drug testing, driver education classes and community service. Even teenagers who do not yet have licenses may suffer consequences, as they may have to wait longer before they can apply.

Juvenile detention and jail time

Parents should never think that just because their teens are under 18 that they are safe from having to serve time behind bars. Depending on the circumstances, a DUI conviction can lead to juvenile detention. Those over the age of 18 could be incarcerated, as well.

Limited employment opportunities

Having a criminal record of any kind makes it harder to find a job, regardless of the person’s age. Parents whose teens are arrested for DUI should keep this in mind and consider seeking the advice of an attorney experienced in representing these types of cases.

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