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6 arrested for alleged drug crimes

There are several different types of drug-related charges a person might face in Texas. If convicted, someone could be sentenced to anything from a fine to time in prison. Drug crimes such as manufacturing or delivery of a controlled substance often have more serious consequences associated with them. Several people in Fort Bend County were recently arrested on similar alleged charges.

An investigation was conducted by the Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force. This task force is made up of officers from various police agencies in area. Its primary efforts are focused on so-called street-level drug sales.

Police had executed a search warrant at a home in the county. They claim they found drugs there, along with drug paraphernalia. Officers reportedly found evidence that drugs had been manufactured, packaged and distributed at the home.

Based on the purported evidence, six people were arrested by the Sheriff’s office and are now in the county jail. The people, ranging in age from 19 to 29 years old, were apparently charged with manufacturing delivery of a controlled substance. None of the accused people have had bond set in their respective cases.

Texas residents facing charges for drug crimes have the right to defend themselves against those formal accusations. They need someone in their corner fighting for them and helping them navigate the complicated legal process. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help develop a strategy best suited to their clients’ needs. A strong defense team may help someone achieve a positive outcome in their case and, when the evidence is substantial, significantly reduce the amount of penalties and/or time in jail.

Source:, “Drug bust yields 6 arrests in Fort Bend County“, Cory Mccord, Mar. 3, 2017

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