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Baseball player’s wife files for divorce

Former Major League Baseball (MLB) player Omar Vizquel says there are a lot of stories about him in the news that are not true. Such stories pertain to alleged events his former wife has stated took place, which ultimately led to her decision to file for divorce. Blanca Vizquel claims her now estranged husband was abusive toward her during their marriage.

Blanca Vizquel allegedly called a domestic violence hotline in August 2020. After making the call, Vizquel says she fled to a women’s shelter in Texas, which was approximately 10 hours away from her home. She later said that she made a decision that day to file for divorce because she no longer wanted to live in an environment where she did not feel safe.

As is often the case in a divorce where one spouse has accused the other of domestic violence, Omar Vizquel flatly denies the accusations against him. He says his ex is angry at him and the stories in the news are without merit. Vizquel says that he and his wife are navigating divorce, and that she is upset about the situation. However, it is a fact that, in 2016, Vizquel was arrested after his then wife called police, saying he burst through a door she had blocked with barbells, then pushed her so hard that she suffered injury to her ankle and broke her fingernails. She later retracted that story, saying she did not want her husband to face criminal charges of 4th-degree domestic assault.

When a Texas spouse files for divorce and accuses his or her partner of physical abuse, it may take weeks, even months, to resolve it in court. It is helpful to act alongside experienced legal representation, especially when spouses disagree about complex issues. Domestic violence issues may not only have an impact on a concerned spouse but also children if the spouses involved are parents. An experienced family law attorney can help a parent protect his or her rights and children’s best interests.

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