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Singer Kelly Clarkson shares tips for coping with divorce

Grammy award-winning music artist Kelly Clarkson is now an Emmy award-winning talk show host. In a recent interview with country music superstar Garth Brooks, Clarkson spoke about her divorce and how music, particularly Brooks’s music, has helped her cope. Texas spouses currently navigating similar circumstances may relate to Clarkson’s comments.

Clarkson, who has children with her ex, told Brooks that she was not prepared for how challenging it would be to process her emotions during divorce. She mentioned that while she was glad to be moving on in life, she was not sure how to categorize her feelings about her past relationship with her ex. Clarkson said that one of Brooks’ songs really hit home with her and helped her cope.

Clarkson also told Brooks that his song “The Dance” inspired a new track on her upcoming album. She said that, in addition to music, reading books her friends and family have given her has also helped her find closure and prepare for a new lifestyle with her children. No two people cope with the breakup of a marriage in exactly the same way; however, these ideas may be helpful to those who are having trouble processing their emotions.

Filing for divorce in Texas or elsewhere involves more than emotional issues. Especially for parents, there are many legal issues to resolve as well, such as child custody, child support and visitation. A concerned parent can best protect his or her rights and children’s best interests by asking an experienced family law attorney to represent him or her in court.

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