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Divorce on the horizon for actress Jennifer Gray

Movie fans in Texas may remember when actress Jennifer Gray co-starred with Patrick Swayze in the 1987 blockbuster hit, “Dirty Dancing,” which reportedly earned $218 million at the box office. Gray’s current projects include a return to the screen to, once again, play a lead role in the sequel to the 1980s hit. On a more personal note, Gray will also be navigating divorce proceedings as her husband of nearly 20 years has filed papers to end their marriage.

Gray has not formally responded to the filing yet, but she did post a few thoughts on social media. She informed her followers that she and her husband will be splitting up but are grateful for the many years they shared and for the daughter they raised together. Their daughter is now age 18, which means there will probably not be child support issues to resolve.

It is not known whether Gray and her husband signed a prenuptial agreement. Many couples do, especially when there are high assets at stake. It is a means to protect one’s interests and can also be used to identify liability as solely belonging to one spouse or the other.

When a Texas couple has been married as long or longer than Gray and her ex were together, it is not uncommon for divorce proceedings to be complex and stressful. Especially if a couple has younger children, they must resolve child custody issues and often child support issues, as well. An experienced family law attorney can make sure a client receives a fair settlement and can also ensure that children’s best interests are a main focus of all proceedings.

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