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Child custody: Don’t stress during back-to-school season

When Texas parents divorce, they must resolve numerous issues regarding their children’s lives. Child custody proceedings can be complex and stressful, especially if the parents in question do not have the same expectations or interpret what is best for their children the same way. The back-to-school season is a stressful time under normal circumstances; if a divorce has recently occurred, it may be even more so.

Co-parents can avoid back-to-school legal issues by agreeing to discuss the school year ahead of time. If this was an oversight when a custody agreement was signed, it is still better to discuss it as the school year begins than not to discuss it at all. Communication between co-parents is a key to avoiding school year stress. It’s important to make sure both parents are on the same page when it comes to their academic, financial and social goals for their children.

Posting a calendar can help everyone stay organized. Parents should discuss whether they will attend school events, sporting events or other activities at the same time or trade off during the school year. Who will pick up and drop off kids at their practices and social gatherings? The more detail parents incorporate into their co-parenting plan, the less likely confusion or disputes will arise.

Texas parents should not hesitate to inform faculty members, coaches, guidance counselors or other parents of their divorce. Doing so might help maintain a sense of normalcy in their children’s daily routines because other adults can be on hand to step in and provide support as needed. Child custody issues can be emotionally upsetting as well, which is why reaching out for support is always better than trying to navigate a challenging legal issue alone.

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