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The importance of child custody modifications

Modifying a child custody agreement or child support order following a divorce may be possible in certain circumstances. It is helpful for parents seeking to modify their child custody arrangement to be familiar with when and how it may be modified through the family law process.

Child custody or child support may be modified based on a significant change in circumstances. The significant change in circumstances may be for the parent or the child. Either parent can request a child custody modification and parents are also encouraged to work together if at all possible. If it is not possible for them to work together, the family law system is available to help them through the process. Child custody determinations are also evaluated based on what is in the best interests of the child which includes child custody modifications.

Parents seeking a child custody modification or child support modification should promptly act and request one from the family law court. They should request one as soon as they know one is needed. In addition, parents should follow any child custody agreement or child support order until the family law court has approved an official change. Parents must also know how to document their change in circumstances which could include a job loss, move or change in marital status.

Life does not stay the same following a divorce which is why the family law process provides resources to hep divorcing couples modify or change a child custody arrangement in some circumstances. It is useful for divorced parents to be familiar with the process so they can successfully navigate it when needed.

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