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Preparations to take just in case things don’t go as planned

Even when a Sugar Land couple agrees that their marriage needs to end, there is no guarantee that the process will remain amicable. Emotions can often take over during the proceedings, and when they do, one party may take actions that could potentially jeopardize the future of the other. In order to limit or eliminate this possibility, it would be wise to plan for certain events.

For instance, an angry spouse may decide to drain the joint bank accounts and hold the funds hostage in order to get something he or she wants. To avoid this, each party could open his or her own bank account at the start or even before the decision is made. This could also help avoid a situation in which one party refuses to help pay for the joint obligations of the marital home while the divorce remains ongoing.

Another tactic that could put one party in financial jeopardy is the other waiting until the last possible moment to make agreed upon temporary support payments even if the party has the ability to make them. With some financial preparation, the receiving party could avoid this move causing significant financial stress. Having enough money to get through this type of manipulative tactic could prove useful.

These are just some of the tactics that the other party may use in order to coerce the other party to make an agreement he or she is not comfortable with. Each party has the right to protect his or her rights and to work toward a mutually satisfactory divorce settlement, or go to court in order to receive one. Moreover, these types of tactics are just one reason why it would be beneficial to work with a Sugar Land family law attorney.

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