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2 main reasons why people wait until January to file for divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2020 | High Asset Divorce |

As the new year gets underway, family law attorneys here in Sugar Land and elsewhere across the country are more than likely receiving an increased volume of inquiries regarding their services. While divorce filings may peak in March, they begin in January. The majority of people looking to end their marriages at the beginning of the year do so for a couple of reasons.

Numerous couples, especially those with children, do not want the holidays to be associated with their divorces. They want to give their families one last holiday season with the family intact. Some couples who fall into this category may hope that they can come back together during this time. The problem is that when January roles around, life returns to normal and they realize that their personal issues remain.

Other people consider the new year as a time of renewal and change. It represents a chance to start over and do things differently. Making life changes could include moving on from an unhappy marriage. These individuals start the process early so that they can end the year with a new future ahead of them. While other people resolve to lose weight, exercise more or change some other aspect of their lives, some people decide to divorce.

Regardless of the reason, some Sugar Land residents are looking for more information on the divorce process. They want to know how long it takes, what they should do to prepare for it and what they can expect as far as the outcome. A family law attorney can certainly address the questions and concerns these individuals have and help them get through the process as efficiently, smoothly and quickly as possible without jeopardizing their rights and the chance to achieve the best resolution possible.