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Getting through the holidays during a divorce with children

Like other Sugar Land residents before them, some couples are facing a holiday season during the end of their marriage. Getting through the holidays may be difficult enough for the parents, and it can be even more challenging for the children. Fortunately, a divorce with children does not have to ruin this time of year.

In order to make that happen, Sugar Land parents in this position will need to put their own feelings for each other on the back burner and focus on the needs and feelings of their children. That may seem like a tall order, but it can be done. Compromise is often the key to making the holidays enjoyable for everyone. It is only natural for both parents to want to spend as much time with the children as they can, but under the circumstances, that may not be possible. However, working together could help reveal options the parents had not previously considered.

Many parents going through a divorce make it a priority not to put the kids in the middle and avoid forcing them to “choose a side” in the proceedings. In order to avoid this around the holidays, or any time for that matter, it’s best to avoid putting the children in the middle. Keep any disputes out of the earshot or view of the children and collaborate on gifts. This helps avoid one parent undermining the other.

Couples going through a divorce with children may need to confront other challenges during the holidays as well. The more agreements they can reach prior to the season officially beginning, the higher the probability is that everyone will remember it more fondly than they otherwise would. An experienced family law attorney could help to achieve this goal.

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