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Putting parenting plans to the test as the school year begins

Sugar Land parents whose divorces were finalized over the summer are about to find out whether their child custody arrangements will work as well in reality as they do on paper. As the school year begins, they may be reviewing their parenting plans to make sure everything is in order. If they addressed some of the following in those plans, starting a new school year may go more smoothly than they think.

As all of the events that precede the school year begin, parents may inform teachers and other relevant staff about the divorce. Taking this step not only lets school officials know that each of you will need notification of anything relating to the children, but also helps them understand if there are some adjustment issues for the children. If parents agree to attend parent/teacher conferences and other school activities together, neither one will feel left out and the children know that their parents put them first. In fact, some parents decide that they will both take their children to school on the first day for support.

Sugar Land parents may agree to divide expenses for school supplies and other items needed before school starts. Some adjustments to routines and schedules may need to happen to account for homework and other school-related matters. The more consistency there is across households, the easier it may be for the children to adjust to a new lifestyle. Arranging for consistent communication between parents also helps. Numerous apps help with scheduling, which can be a source of contention during the school year.

Addressing these and other issues relating to the school year in parenting plans reduces the potential for confusion and conflict. Until everyone settles into the new routine, it may help immensely to rely on agreements already put into writing. The fewer surprises, the better off everyone will be.

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