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A DWI has significant impact on commercial drivers

Whether passing through Sugar Land or based in the city, a significant number of truck drivers are on its roads. While in the area, police could pull them over for supposed traffic violations. If a truck driver is suspected of drunk driving, facing charges for DWI could be the least of his or her problems.

The Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration holds truck drivers to a higher standard than passenger vehicle drivers, and for good reason. Driving an 18-wheeler requires concentration, skill and experience. Anything that hinders them from their duties behind the wheel could lead to disaster. For this reason, if a truck driver’s blood alcohol concentration is .04% or higher, instead of the .08% standard for adults without CDLs, he or she could face charges.

A BAC of .04% could result from drinking just one beer. Drinking any alcoholic beverage and then driving puts a truck driver’s livelihood in jeopardy. Moreover, it does not matter whether the allegations arise while driving a personal vehicle or a commercial one. The CDL triggers the lower legal limit. This is just one reason why he or she should take any allegation of DWI seriously.

Contesting the charges could result in reduced penalties, an acquittal or even a dismissal of the charges. Simply accepting the consequences for a charge of DWI makes it difficult to find work thereafter — whether here in Sugar Land or elsewhere. Even a truck driver’s actions at the scene of the traffic stop could have serious consequences. Many truck drivers discover that the penalties imposed in a criminal proceeding are often far less damaging than what happens afterward.

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