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A perceived harmless prank leads to a need for juvenile defense

Adolescent boys are not immune from engaging in pranks that can go awry. It is a time of risk taking and exploring that can lead to unfortunate consequences. A prank that got out of hand in Texas has led to a 14-year-old boy being in need of juvenile defense for a homicide charge.

The incident occurred while the boy and some friends were engaged in an egg-throwing prank as they were driving around the city. The boy was reportedly driving the car. A driver who was egged by the teens allegedly flashed a handgun at them and began to chase them. The car ran through a red light and hit a pickup truck.

The driver of the pickup did not survive the crash. The teen who was allegedly driving the car broke his ankle and is being held at an area juvenile detention center. The driver who was reportedly chasing the teens has been identified but he has not yet been interviewed.

When a day in Texas begins with what young boys perceive as a harmless prank and ends in a tragic death, the boys caught up in the tragedy may well feel that their young lives are also coming to an end. In such an instance, the families of the children may also be at a loss as to what the legal options are in such a situation. A conversation with an experienced criminal law attorney, particularly one well-versed in juvenile defense, can advise the youths involved and their families as to what their legal rights are and what options are available to them.

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