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Juvenile defense can help to turn a life around

The idea of a criminal justice system is not only to penalize but also to rehabilitate. When children are involved in criminal activity, the focus of juvenile defense should be less on punitive actions and more on steering young offenders to make better choices and showing them that those choices can result in positive outcomes. Texas is making changes to try to improve those outcomes.

In a recent robbery, one adult and four  juveniles were arrested in a suspected armed robbery in Beaumont. The adult under arrest is a 19 year-old male. Three young teenagers wearing gloves, hoodies and masks robbed a convenience store at gunpoint at about 1:00 p.m. on a recent afternoon.

Two of the teenagers allegedly carried guns as they reportedly robbed the store. They are alleged to have gotten away with cigarettes and an undisclosed amount of cash. Witnesses said the suspects were last seen in an older Chevy Tahoe. The four juveniles and one adult were apprehended shortly after the robbery. According to the police report, evidence from the robbery was discovered in the truck and in the suspects’ possession.

Young people can be steered towards a life of crime by promises of easy money and a way out of what they may see as a hopeless situation. A young person in Texas who is facing criminal charges could benefit from talking to a lawyer experienced in juvenile defense. An attorney will work to keep the charges within the juvenile defense system and will work to get the young person support and help in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

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