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3 accused of committing drug crimes in Texas

Three individuals were recently arraigned on charges of possessing drugs in Texas. The arraignments related to their alleged drug crimes took place on a Wednesday. The three parties — two women and a man — were taken into custody in apparently unrelated incidents.

Police said one of the individuals was taken into custody after authorities had to settle a gas station dispute. When police searched her automobile, they reportedly discovered a pipe that was made from glass and featured burnt residue. Police said they also found a bag containing a substance that they later learned was methamphetamine, following testing. She was jailed and held on a bond of $30,000.

Meanwhile, the second individual was taken into custody after authorities stopped her because her license plate light was not working. When they searched her car, police reportedly discovered a bag containing a white powdery substance that ended up testing positive for cocaine. She was jailed on a bond of $30,000.

The third party, a man, was allegedly found to possess over 4 ounces of marijuana and thus was jailed on a bond of $30,000 as well. His arrest came after police said a witness reported that he had pointed a gun at someone. Police reportedly found marijuana in his car when they arrived at the scene.

Those accused of committing drug crimes in Texas may understandably be nervous about how drug convictions may harm their futures. For instance, they may face jail time, fines and a tough road ahead when it comes to finding jobs. However, just because they have been accused of these crimes does not mean they committed them. The prosecution must prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be rendered in the Lone Star State.

Source:, “3 arraigned on drug charges in Killeen-Harker Heights area Wednesday“, Josh Sullivan, Jan. 4, 2018

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