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Drug crimes: five charged with sale of synthetic marijuana

If someone is arrested for possession or the sale of marijuana in the state of Texas, the penalties can be severe. Significant jail time is possible for those convicted of drug crimes involving marijuana. However, similar penalties can occur for someone who is convicted of selling synthetic cannabinoids. Five men were recently arrested for selling a synthetic drug called Kush at a Houston tattoo parlor.

The Houston Police Department reports that a warrant had been issued on an area tattoo parlor to search for drugs. A spokesperson for the police said that five men were arrested and now face charges for possession and intent to deliver Kush. Apparently, some of the suspects had warrants from previous drug charges. One of the men was also found with a purportedly stolen firearm.

A ban on synthetic marijuana had been instituted by the Houston City Council several years ago. Efforts have been made since that time to keep the drug out of circulation. Experts believe that the drug can cause serious health problems. Some Kush is marketed to younger consumers with cherry, blueberry or watermelon flavorings. Packaging for a younger audience might have a Sponge Bob or Pokemon wrapper, while the packages for older consumers may have outlaw characters.

If someone is arrested for drug crimes such as possession or intent to sell synthetic marijuana, the charges need to be taken seriously. Everyone has the right to present a defense to the charges against them. A Texas criminal defense attorney familiar with drug laws can be a valuable asset in protecting someone’s rights and developing a strong defense. An experienced attorney will diligently work to minimize the adverse impact of the charges on a client’s life.

Source:, “Five suspects accused of selling Kush arrested in southwest Houston tattoo parlor raid“, William Axford, July 28, 2017

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