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Man jailed, 3 seeking juvenile defense in robbery

A recent robbery in Texas has landed a 20-year-old man in jail. Three juveniles, aged 14 to 16, were also implicated in the incident. The minors must now develop a juvenile defense strategy as they face alleged charges regarding the robbery.

Texarkana police claim that a woman was in her car at a local market when she was approached by two young men. The police report states that the men asked to use her cell phone, but the woman declined their request. Purportedly, the young men initially started to leave her vehicle, but they shortly returned.

When the men returned, one of them reportedly pointed a gun at her. He apparently ordered her to give them her purse. Both men then are said to have fled to a nearby car, occupied by two other people. The detained juveniles were sent to local juvenile detention centers, while the 20-year-old involved in the robbery is being held in a local jail. One of the juveniles had also been accused of another robbery in Jan. 2017.

Since minors in Texas may be charged as an adult in an armed robbery, several factors are taken into consideration. The severity of the alleged crime is addressed as well as the age of the juvenile at the time of the incident. If a case remains in the juvenile system, consequences could range from a warning or probation to confinement in a group home or correctional facility.

When minors in Texas face criminal charges, they often seek the advice of attorneys familiar with juvenile defense issues. An experienced lawyer will work to keep the case in the juvenile justice system. A dedicated defense team can help achieve the most favorable outcome for those charged with alleged crimes.

Source:, “Man, 3 juveniles accused of robbing female in parking lot“, Feb. 12, 2017

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