Is Love DuCote The Right Sugar Land Paternity Lawyer For You?

There are many reasons a man may be looking to establish paternity. It could be that you were never married to the mother of your child and are seeking custody. Maybe you married a single mother and are looking to establish your paternal access to her child.

In situations like these, a Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship or SAPCR can help. Filing this lawsuit with an experienced Sugar Land paternity lawyer will help start a conversation with the court regarding your role in the child’s life, including questions on providing financial support, sharing a residence, or making decisions about their education and medical needs, among other subjects. An existing SAPCR can also be modified after some time, should an existing order no longer meet the needs of you and your co-parent. Our paternity lawyers in Texas will give you the guidance and expertise to work through this often difficult process.

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Our Texas Paternity Lawyers Know The Process Of Establishing Paternity Rights in Texas

At The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC, our family lawyers in Sugar Land, TX are experienced in handling matters of paternity. Whether you are looking to establish paternity rights or terminate existing ones, our family law attorneys are here to learn about your situation and needs, and we can help you find the solution you are looking for.

Based in Sugar Land, our firm has been representing clients across Fort Bend County for over 40 years. You can rely on our knowledge of Texas laws, as well as on our skills in connecting you with the services you need, including paternity or DNA testing.

Terminating Your Paternity Rights

Sometimes, a man may have been wrongly identified as the legal father of a child, whether it was a mistake or an act of fraud. When this happens, the wrongly identified father may seek services to terminate his paternity so that he is no longer obliged to financially support the child. If you are looking to terminate your paternity, our lawyers can provide individualized legal guidance and counsel.

Tell Our Sugar Land Paternity Lawyers About Your Situation

Our team understands that each case comes with its own set of needs and interests. No matter how specific yours are, we will tailor our approach to help you map out a process that is suitable to your goals.

To speak with one of our lawyers about your paternity needs, schedule a consultation with us by completing our contact form or calling us at 832-471-6904.