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Get A Solid Defense Against Your Violent Crime Charges

In a lot of cases, violent crimes are committed in the heat of the moment and pass in the flash of an eye. It can be extremely difficult for anyone to truly know what happened, making it that much harder to defend yourself in these cases. The attorneys of The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC want you to know how important it is for you to get an attorney, even before law enforcement has actually charged you with a crime.

While some people commit violent crimes with serious intent, others do not have any intention at all. A person who had one too many drinks might have made a rash mistake, or someone might have seen a loud argument as assault, and police wind up a person who did not commit a crime at all. Even if you did not commit a crime, your future is at serious risk without an experienced lawyer at your side.

How We Defend You Against These Charges

As our client, your best interests are always our priority. If possible, getting the court to drop your charges is usually the best outcome. The chances of dropping charges increases if you contact us before you receive charges. If you have already received charges, our Texas lawyers will aggressively fight to reduce any sentencing, with the hopes of avoiding jail time altogether. We do not overlook any options while we fight to defend you.

Do Not Hesitate To Begin Your Defense

If you are facing violent crime charges, get an attorney right away. To protect your future, contact us at our Sugar Land office by calling us at 832-535-2084. Call today and set up your initial consultation with an attorney who can help you. We represent clients throughout Fort Bend County, Harris County and surrounding counties.