Category: DUI/DWI

Driver faces DWI charges after accident involving police officer

Some road construction work here in Texas is done in the overnight hours in order to avoid causing traffic jams. The problem is this increases the danger to both the workers and drivers who may come upon the work unaware of it. Even…

How does a DWI affect your driving privileges in Texas?

Whether you had a lapse in judgment or thought you were fine after one drink, you may find yourself facing charges of driving while intoxicated. A conviction comes with serious penalties, such as steep fines, possible jail time and alcohol education programs. A…

A DWI has significant impact on commercial drivers

Whether passing through Sugar Land or based in the city, a significant number of truck drivers are on its roads. While in the area, police could pull them over for supposed traffic violations. If a truck driver is suspected of drunk driving, facing…

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