Category: Drug Crimes

Raids result in accusations of drug crimes in Texas

While some people in Texas have wonderful neighbors, it is not unheard of for there to be conflict between people who live in close proximity. Unfortunately, in some cases an accusation made to police may be all it takes to raise suspicions, even…

Texas pharmacist accused of several drug crimes

A pharmacist in Texas currently faces 12 felony criminal charges involving drugs. His alleged drug crimes include selling marijuana and various prescription drugs that are commonly abused. The man facing drug charges is 33 years old. Apparently, the man reportedly sold marijuana and…

Officer accused of evidence-related, drug crimes in Texas

A police officer in Texas currently faces drug-related charges. According to authorities, the man gave a possible drug dealer information that made it possible for him to avoid other law enforcement officers. However, those accused of drug crimes are presumed innocent until and…

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