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Angelina Jolie says child custody ruling is unfair

When two Texas parents disagree about what is best for their children, trying to resolve the issue can be stressful, especially if it is relevant to a divorce. Movie superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt filed for divorce in 2016 but have yet to be able to settle their child custody disputes. In fact, Jolie recently said that, if the court finalizes its recent tentative ruling, she will file an appeal stating that the judge did not give her a fair trial.

Jolie wanted the judge to allow her kids to testify

Jolie had asked the judge to permit her children to testify in court regarding supposed evidence against their father regarding their safety and well-being. Pitt’s attorneys say the judge did not find Jolie’s testimony credible and denied her request for the children to testify. Jolie has stated that the judge disregarded a California code of law that states that a parent with a history of domestic violence should not have custody of his or her children. She also has stated that her kids were prepared to give testimony that is relevant to their safety and that the judge does not have their best interests in mind if he denies them the opportunity to speak in court.

Pitt’s attorneys say the trial was fair

Pitt’s legal team has stated that the judge’s tentative ruling followed extensive consideration of all relevant factors in the case. The team says that the court agrees that Pitt’s children need permanency and stability in their lives and has ruled accordingly based on the merits of the case. Jolie has sought to have the judge removed from the case, claiming that there is a conflict of interest because of a business relationship he has with a member of Pitt’s legal team.

The Texas court always has children’s best interests in mind

In Texas and all other states, a family court judge issues child custody rulings based on what he or she determines is best for the children in question after carefully reviewing all testimony and evidence in a specific case. A concerned parent may seek legal support before heading to court, especially if he or she plans on requesting sole custody. If a parent believes a ruling is unfair, he or she may have grounds for filing an appeal.

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