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Are you a Texas spouse who may be headed for divorce?

Every marital relationship is unique, though it’s possible to relate with another couple’s experiences, especially regarding problems in a marriage. Infidelity, lack of companionship and many other issues are frequently reported as the “straw that broke the camel’s back” when a marriage ends. Making a decision to divorce typically leads to a series of events that often includes complicated legal issues that can be stressful to try to resolve.

Many times, issues that are factors in a spouse’s decision to divorce may intersect with the settlement process. For instance, a person who experiences lack of intimacy or companionship in a marriage may admit to turning to alcohol or drugs in response to loneliness. If a divorce occurs, evidence of a substance abuse problem might be relevant in child custody proceedings, especially if one spouse claims the other is an unfit parent.

Divorce can disrupt a person’s lifestyle, especially if a spouse will experience a significant loss of household income and is worried about providing for his or her children’s needs. Such issues often lead to child support concerns. It may also have a significant impact on property division proceedings, especially if one parent is requesting to keep the marital home for financial reasons or help children maintain a sense of normalcy and routine. If the other parent wants to sell the home, the court will determine what is fair and what is best for the children in question.

No matter what specific issues prompt a Texas divorce, there is support available for those who encounter challenges as they attempt to negotiate a settlement. An experienced family law attorney is well-versed in applicable laws regarding property division, child custody, child support and all other aspects of divorce. The lawyer can protect a client’s interests, working to ensure that he or she gets a fair deal in court.

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