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Texas spouses often cite these reasons for divorce

When a married couple decides to divorce, any number of reasons may have led to their decision. Infidelity or some other game-changer event often causes an irreparable breakdown in a marriage. Others say there was no identifiable, single issue that caused them to divorce but rather that many things built up over a period of time. This is usually referred to as irreconcilable differences.

Fights about money can also take a heavy toll on a marriage. A lack of communication is also a common factor that leads to divorce, especially when accompanied by financial disagreements. Constant bickering and confrontation causes many spouses to decide they’d rather go their separate ways than remain in an unhappy marriage.

Some people end up feeling that are not adequately prepared for marriage. It is not the age at the time of marriage that is specific to this problem; rather, if clarity on all that marriage entails is missing, the reality may wind up being different than the dream. Finally, intimacy problems can become insurmountable.

No matter what events lead up to a Texas divorce, such a decision is life-changing and involves many issues that must be resolved in order to achieve a fair settlement. If the couple has children, child custody, parenting time and child support will be important considerations. Certain issues can spark contention between spouses, especially if they have trouble getting along. To keep stress to a minimum and to avoid confrontation, it is helpful to seek support from an experienced family law attorney to protect personal interests and pursue a favorable result.

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