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Shared child custody may have certain benefits

No matter what issues prompted a decision to file for divorce in Texas, a concerned parent wants what is best for his or her kids, including a fair and comprehensive co-parenting agreement. Considering a shared child custody arrangement is typically an option that has several benefits.

Many parents find that agreeing to share child custody equally makes parenting after divorce a lot less stressful.  At some point, a parent might feel like going out with friends or even on a date. It’s a lot easier to schedule personal social time if it is known ahead of time that a co-parent will have the kids on certain dates.

Getting divorced does not mean that a parent does not appreciate his or her ex’s input on matters of discipline or other child-related issues. Sharing custody enables both parents to share responsibility for all significant parenting issues and obligations. When the parents are willing to compromise and cooperate for the sake of their children, it makes post-divorce parenting a lot less stressful. Part of adapting to a new lifestyle after divorce includes mapping out a personal path in life, which, for some parents, might include putting in more time at work to pursue career opportunities. A shared custody arrangement may leave more time to pursue such goals.

Parenting is never a perfect fit, and it is more common for co-parents to disagree and have to negotiate solutions than it is to never have parenting disagreements at all. Having a strong support network in place makes it easy to access assistance if a problem arises. An experienced family law attorney can make recommendations regarding co-parenting agreements and can remain on hand to step in and provide support if legal complications interfere with a parent’s ability to carry out an existing parenting plan.

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