Month: December 2020

Texas spouses often cite these reasons for divorce

When a married couple decides to divorce, any number of reasons may have led to their decision. Infidelity or some other game-changer event often causes an irreparable breakdown in a marriage. Others say there was no identifiable, single issue that caused them to…

Are you in for a tough child custody battle?

It would be great if every Texas divorce were amicably settled and co-parents could peacefully achieve an agreement that keeps their children’s best interests in mind. In reality, you would not be alone in your struggle if you were to say that this…

Parallel parenting is a child custody option

In a perfect world, every Texas parent who files for divorce would be able to achieve a fair and agreeable settlement that includes a co-parenting plan that can be carried out without any problems. In reality, parents often encounter challenges, not only during…

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