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You don’t have to fight to settle a divorce

If you’re one of many Texas parents who have decided to end an unhappy marriage, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. Divorce isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be acrimonious. Even if you and your spouse don’t agree on child custody, property division or other matters, you can agree to peacefully negotiate such issues to compromise and reach a fair settlement.

Like a business transaction, your divorce is negotiable, and you can take steps to avoid confrontation while protecting your personal interests. If you keep several key issues in mindas you prepare for negotiations, you increase the chances of achieving a fair and comprehensive agreement.

When negotiating a Texas divorce, it’s important to prepare beforehand. Especially, if your spouse has handled the finances during the marriage, you’ll want to update yourself on bank information, credit card accounts, taxes and other relevant topics before sessions begin. If you and your spouse tend to argue when you’re in the same room, you can choose other means of communication when it’s necessary to discuss a divorce-related issue.

If you’re being asked to sign something, and you believe the wording of the document is ambiguous, you have a right to request clarification or rewording of the terms before signing. In short, never sign anything you’re not comfortable signing. It’s a good idea to discuss any issue of concern with an experienced family law attorney before finalizing a divorce. The Love DuCote Law Firm is committed to providing strong legal support to any Texas resident who is preparing for divorce proceedings.

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