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Divorce: Avoid stress this holiday season

As Texas parents celebrate the arrival of autumn, many are thinking ahead to the upcoming holiday season. Those who are navigating divorce at this time may be worried about co-parenting and whether they will be able to work together to avoid stress as they celebrate special occasions with their children. Keeping a few things in mind can help.

It is always best if co-parents approach their post-divorce lifestyle as a team. When the goal is to avoid holiday stress, this might mean discussing plans well in advance or even, incorporating terms into a child custody agreement so both parents know exactly what to expect. It is also helpful to be flexible and willing to change an agreed-upon plan if unforeseen circumstances arise, such as a parent who is scheduled to have custody for a specific holiday falling ill and being unable to do so. In such circumstances, it would be kind of the other parent to offer to help.

There are no set rules about co-parenting during the holidays other than both parents having to adhere to an existing court order. If a parent is disregarding a signed agreement or a ruling a family court judge has handed down, it may not only disrupt the holidays but cause serious legal problems as well. Parents who are willing to cooperate and compromise have a greater chance of enjoying a low-stress, post-divorce holiday season with their kids.

Any Texas parent facing an issue he or she does not feel equipped to handle alone can reach out for additional support at any time. Family law attorneys are used to addressing holiday-related issues and other child custody matters. An attorney will advocate on a concerned parent’s behalf to protect his or her rights and to make sure children’s best interests are the focus of all custody proceedings.

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