Month: August 2020

Preparation is a key to successful child support hearings

Divorce changes lives for Texas families, but it does not necessarily have to ruin them. When parents are willing to cooperate and compromise, it is often possible to obtain a fair settlement, including a child support agreement. Regarding the latter, it is imperative…

Use these skills for divorce negotiations

You might be the type of person who always tries to avoid conflict. It’s logical to assume there are many people in Texas with similar habits. Perhaps, when you decided to divorce, you worried that you and your spouse would end up tangled…

Divorce on the horizon for actress Jennifer Gray

Movie fans in Texas may remember when actress Jennifer Gray co-starred with Patrick Swayze in the 1987 blockbuster hit, “Dirty Dancing,” which reportedly earned $218 million at the box office. Gray’s current projects include a return to the screen to, once again, play…

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