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After the holidays, divorce filings jump in numbers

During the height of the holiday season each year, Sugar Land couples who are struggling with their relationship do what they can to put aside their feelings for each other. However, once the new year begins, those feelings they tried to put on the back burner resurface. The word “divorce” once again enters into the vocabulary of the parties, and they may take steps toward filing. In fact, this is exactly what many couples across the country do beginning each January.

It may seem obvious that the reason so many couples begin filing for divorce in record numbers at the beginning of the year is that the holidays are over. No one wants to be the one to ruin this time of year for friends and family, especially when children are involved. Others who had difficulties prior to the holidays reach their limit when spending so much time together toward the end of the year.

Like parents across the country, Sugar Land parents may want to wait until after the holidays to have more time to help their children adjust to their new circumstances after giving them one last holiday as a family. Other people wait for financial reasons while others make New Year’s resolutions to change their lives over the course of the year, which often includes being single again by year’s end. For these and other reasons, divorce filings begin to rise in numbers in January.

No matter what time of year, divorce is never easy. Even amicable couples have their moments. After all, the end of a once intimate relationship comes with a variety of feelings. The key is not to let those feelings interfere with the divorce process to help ensure that each party walks away feeling as though he or she received a satisfactory settlement.

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