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December 2019 Archives

Could vaping lead to accusations of felony drug crimes?

Vaping has been in the news lately due to numerous suspicious deaths, many involving teenagers. These deaths have led to authorities paying more attention to students who vape. In some places here in Texas, students could face accusations of felony drug crimes because they vape.

Determining separate versus community property is only the start

With the holidays in full swing, many Sugar Land couples have put their desire to divorce on hold. Few people want their families, especially their children, associating the holidays with the demise of their marriages. For those whose minds are made up, steps could still be taken to prepare for filing divorce as the new year begins beyond contemplating what would be considered separate versus community property by the court.

Avoiding self-sabotage on social media in child custody matters

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms out there, and many Sugar Land residents have a social media presence there. They may post pictures, talk about their lives, and otherwise share with their friends on a daily basis. However, when parents are in the midst of dealing with child custody matters, Facebook could end up being a vehicle for self-sabotage.

Not fighting a DWI now could result in harsher penalties later on

Red and blue lights in the rear view mirror and the sound of sirens is enough to unnerve any Sugar Land resident. Those who had a drink or two before driving may find themselves hoping for a speeding ticket instead of ending up under arrest for DWI. At that point, all they want is for the situation to be over as quickly as possible, especially if it is a first offense. However, not fighting a DWI charge now could end up resulting in harsher penalties down the road if another arrest occurs.

7 face charges for drug crimes after investigation

One of the duties of law enforcement agencies across the country, including here in Texas, is investigating the manufacture, sale and distribution of illegal substances. Investigations into alleged drug crimes can last for months, and those under scrutiny may not be aware of it until officers and investigators arrive at their doors with a search warrant. By that time, authorities often believe they have the evidence needed in order to make an arrest.

The divorce process isn't over until the decree is signed

It would be safe to say that most Sugar Land residents who are ending their marriages want the process to be over as quickly as possible. However, moving too fast could mean missing something important, which could mean having to go back to court later or failing to obtain the best deal possible. For this reason, it is essential to review the divorce settlement before the judge signs the decree and puts an end to the process.

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