Month: December 2019

Could vaping lead to accusations of felony drug crimes?

Vaping has been in the news lately due to numerous suspicious deaths, many involving teenagers. These deaths have led to authorities paying more attention to students who vape. In some places here in Texas, students could face accusations of felony drug crimes because…

Determining separate versus community property is only the start

With the holidays in full swing, many Sugar Land couples have put their desire to divorce on hold. Few people want their families, especially their children, associating the holidays with the demise of their marriages. For those whose minds are made up, steps…

Avoiding self-sabotage on social media in child custody matters

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms out there, and many Sugar Land residents have a social media presence there. They may post pictures, talk about their lives, and otherwise share with their friends on a daily basis. However, when parents…

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