Month: October 2019

Creating parenting plans for teenagers can be a challenge

The teenage years are admittedly a challenging time for teens and parents alike whether they live here in Sugar Land or elsewhere. Stuck somewhere between a child and an adult can make things difficult. Yet another layer of uncertainty is added to the…

Circumstances that could increase the Texas drug charges you face

Certain criminal offenses are more severe and carry more significant penalties than others. Felonies are obviously more serious than misdemeanors, and there are even more levels within those two broad categories of criminal charges. Prosecutors can add additional charges or increase the severity…

Would a strategic divorce be worth any money savings?

Many Sugar Land couples decide to end their marriages due to some sort of incompatibility. Perhaps they fell out of love, one cheated on the other or arguments about everything from dinner to money have become too much. The point is that they…

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