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October 2019 Archives

Creating parenting plans for teenagers can be a challenge

The teenage years are admittedly a challenging time for teens and parents alike whether they live here in Sugar Land or elsewhere. Stuck somewhere between a child and an adult can make things difficult. Yet another layer of uncertainty is added to the mix when the parents of a teenager divorce. Helping a teen through these years as co-parents requires creative parenting plans.

Circumstances that could increase the Texas drug charges you face

Certain criminal offenses are more severe and carry more significant penalties than others. Felonies are obviously more serious than misdemeanors, and there are even more levels within those two broad categories of criminal charges. Prosecutors can add additional charges or increase the severity of the charges based on certain aggravating circumstances as well.

Would a strategic divorce be worth any money savings?

Many Sugar Land couples decide to end their marriages due to some sort of incompatibility. Perhaps they fell out of love, one cheated on the other or arguments about everything from dinner to money have become too much. The point is that they decide to divorce because they no longer want to be in the marital relationship. However, a new trend appears to contradict this thinking.

Fleeing the scene could now mean conviction for DWI manslaughter

It is not unusual for intoxicated Texas residents to make mistakes due to the consumption of alcohol. The first mistake could be getting behind the wheel of a car and the second could involve getting into an accident. Some drivers will compound these mistakes by failing to remain at the scene and render aid. If someone dies, doing so could result in criminal penalties equal to DWI manslaughter.

Getting through the holidays during a divorce with children

Like other Sugar Land residents before them, some couples are facing a holiday season during the end of their marriage. Getting through the holidays may be difficult enough for the parents, and it can be even more challenging for the children. Fortunately, a divorce with children does not have to ruin this time of year.

What to do if the other parent denies or interferes in visitation

Not every couple who divorces can fit into the co-parenting mold that is so popular these days. Parents who go on vacation and spend holidays together with the children may represent a smaller portion of co-parents than people think. Talking to other Sugar Land couples who share parenting time with their children after a divorce would probably back this up. In fact, a certain percentage of parents find themselves in a situation where the other parent denies or interferes in visitation with the children.

Accused of drug crimes? Don't let police in without a warrant

Some individuals in and around Sugar Land find themselves under investigation by police for a variety of reasons. If one of them stands accused of drug crimes, police may want to search his or her home. The last thing a person in this situation may want to do is voluntarily let police into the home.

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