Month: March 2019

Drunk driving charge re the death of a Lyft passenger

Cars are necessary to be able to get from point A to point B in our busy daily lives. Sadly the increase in traffic leads to an increase in the likelihood of being involved in an accident. A serious accident in Texas very…

4 provisions that may make your parenting plan better

Going through a divorce can be overwhelming. If you share children with your spouse, though, deciding how to parent them in a post-divorce world can be challenging. With the right parenting plan, you remove much of the uncertainty that comes from sharing physical…

Do you want to keep your business after your divorce?

As an entrepreneur, your business is part of your identity. While everything may seem to have become topsy-turvy during your divorce, you may find some stability by focusing on your company. Nonetheless, if your business is marital property, you could lose it after…

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