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Social media threats can lead to a need for juvenile defense

Adolescents are prone to making snap decisions and acting on those decisions. In the age of social media, such decisions and actions can come with dire consequences in Texas. People say things in the heat of a moment that they might not mean, or at least have no intention on following through on any implied threats. When the implied threats involve the stated intention of causing harm, the threats cannot be ignored and may cause an adolescent to be in need of a juvenile defense.

An adolescent girl was recently arrested after making threats against L.D. Bell High School located in Hurst. The threats were transmitted to about 15 students and staff over a period of three days. There was a brief lockdown when the threats were first discovered. The content of the messages indicated there would be a shooting at the school and that homemade explosives might also be used.

Police engaged in an investigation that found no evidence to back up the threats. No weapons or explosives were found on school property. There was no evidence found that students or teachers were ever in any danger. Following the investigation, the young girl was taken into custody and charged with nine counts of making terroristic threats. She remains in custody at Tarrant County Juvenile Detention Facility in Fort Worth.

Young people can say things they don’t mean. With the risk of school shootings an ever-present danger, threats cannot be ignored. A family facing the reality of a child charged with making threats may believe that their lives, and their child’s life, will never be the same. There are options that can help to protect a child’s future. A consultation with an attorney experienced in juvenile defense in Texas can provide information on what legal options are available.

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