Month: February 2019

Teen home invasion suspects may need juvenile defense

Teenagers are easily influenced and often ready participants in activities that could lead them into trouble. Looking to fit in, gang initiation or even boredom can cause teens to engage in activities they might regret. Three Texas teens in Hallsville may have been involved…

Your child’s underage DWI could mess up the future

Like most parents, you work hard to raise good kids. Despite your best efforts, your son or daughter probably regularly makes mistakes. Simply put, mistakes are part of the adolescence experience. Fortunately, as with most errors in judgment, there are no long-term consequences….

Social media threats can lead to a need for juvenile defense

Adolescents are prone to making snap decisions and acting on those decisions. In the age of social media, such decisions and actions can come with dire consequences in Texas. People say things in the heat of a moment that they might not mean,…

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