Month: August 2018

New analysis reveals fatal DUI data from across Texas

A new analysis released by ValuePenguin has dug into some of the most pressing questions regarding DUI data in Texas. Specifically, the report revealed the which cities in Texas had the most DUI fatalities per year. This analysis was based on data from the Texas Department of Transportation….

Is Texas a community property state?

When it comes to divorce, there is an important classification that varies depending on which state you live in: whether the state is a community property state. There are only nine states that have community property jurisdiction, and Texas is one of them….

Driver not the only one charged in recent DUI case

Typically when a drunk driving incident occurs, it is only the driver who is charged. However, prosecutors are treating a recent Texas death caused by drunk driving a bit differently. Along with the DUI and manslaughter charges faced by the driver, the shopkeeper who sold the…

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