Month: April 2018

33 in Houston arrested for DWI in March

In March, police in Houston — not far from Sugarland, Texas — arrested a total of 33 motorists on felony-level alcohol charges. Fortunately, those who are accused of DWI in the Lone Star State are not immediately guilty just because they have been…

3 pieces of evidence that may be inadmissible

Facing criminal charges necessitates action. Your aspirations and future are on the line, and if you do not defend yourself, the consequences of a conviction will likely last a lifetime. Understanding your charges, the evidence and the ensuing court process is vital to…

A DUI conviction may lead to multiple penalties

If you have been accused of drinking and driving, you understandably may be frightened about what it could mean for your future. Will you go to jail, and will a DUI conviction stay on your record? Here is a rundown of what you…

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