Month: February 2018

Tips on co-parenting when your ex is difficult

Ideally, you and your ex-spouse would get along with each other and rarely disagree when it comes to your children. Some divorced parents enjoy a friendly relationship, but unfortunately, that is not what you got. In fact, your experience may be similar to…

5 arrested for drug crimes at home in Texas

Five individuals have been taken into custody on drug charges in Texas. Their arrests for drug crimes took place on a recent Tuesday at a home. There, police reportedly seized 67 grams of crystal and liquid methamphetamine after serving a search and arrest…

Woman in Texas faces DWI charges

A 21-year-old woman in Austin is facing serious charges after a man on a moped was killed in the early morning of Feb. 9. Texas police responded to the fatal accident and were given to believe the driver may have been intoxicated at…

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