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How an underage DUI impacts college prospects

Texas has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking and driving. If a teenager is found with any amount of alcohol in his or her system, then the minor could face a fine, license suspension and community service. Beyond all that, a teenager could also have a much more difficult time getting into college. 

A DUI, similarly to any other crime, goes onto a teen’s record. Colleges look at these records, and they take them into consideration when determining admission. Teenagers and their parents need to fight any DUI charges to avoid a conviction or seek to get a criminal record expunged because the consequences are severe. 

Outright denial of admission

Some colleges may not even accept a student with a DUI on his or her record. Even with good grades and plenty of extracurriculars, the college may simply have a policy for denying admission to anyone with a criminal record. With this in mind, many students will avoid mentioning the arrest on their applications. However, colleges still perform background checks, and a teen may not get into a school because he or she lied on the application. 

Loss of scholarship or financial aid

Even if the college allows the teen in, various financial aid programs may not provide any assistance to students with a criminal record. Without financial aid, it could be impossible for a student to attend college at all. In the event the student is already in college, then a DUI could result in a temporary suspension from classes, which could also impact certain scholarships. 

Denial of attending specific degree programs

To obtain certain degrees in law and nursing, a student needs to have a clean record. A DUI conviction may prevent a student who has always been passionate about pursuing nursing from attending that program at a university. No teenager should allow one mistake to completely ruin the future. 

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