Month: August 2017

Adults who serve alcohol to minors put themselves at great risk

Serving an under-aged person alcohol in Texas is a crime. To be criminal, it need not transpire where the minor then gets behind the wheel after drinking. Thus, serving a minor who will be staying over and sleeping it off is not a…

Drug crimes: Kush lab found in Houston apartment complex

Texas is experiencing an increased number of incidents involving a synthetic drug named kush. Considered a synthetic cannabinoid, kush has a similar effect on its users as marijuana. As Houston has become a major hub for the manufacturing and distribution of the substance,…

Drug crimes: five charged with sale of synthetic marijuana

If someone is arrested for possession or the sale of marijuana in the state of Texas, the penalties can be severe. Significant jail time is possible for those convicted of drug crimes involving marijuana. However, similar penalties can occur for someone who is…

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