Month: April 2017

How juvenile defense for those age 17 differs from other minors

An interesting study was recently conducted in Texas pertaining to teenage crime. A focal point of the study was whether the age of responsibility should be raised in this state. Currently, state law mandates those age 17 charged with crimes are to be…

Teens and DUIs: When one mistake impacts the future

While parents may not want to hear it, the truth is that many teenagers drink alcohol. Sometimes, these same teenagers drink to excess, make unwise decisions and end up facing DUI charges. These charges can result in some rather hefty consequences. Here is…

5 arrested on drug crimes in drug free zone

Drug free zones have been established in Texas and around the nation in efforts to protect children from exposure to the sale or use of drugs. Many locations, such as schools, pools or malls, are designated as drug free zones. If someone is…

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