Month: February 2017

Man jailed, 3 seeking juvenile defense in robbery

A recent robbery in Texas has landed a 20-year-old man in jail. Three juveniles, aged 14 to 16, were also implicated in the incident. The minors must now develop a juvenile defense strategy as they face alleged charges regarding the robbery. Texarkana police…

What are the consequences of a first-time DWI in Texas?

Facing a DWI charge is scary – especially if it is your first one. You may be wondering what your friends and family will think, how it will impact your job, and what legal consequences you may be facing. You may be wondering…

Being accused of driving drunk with a child in the car

Many things can have impacts on the legal situation of a person who is accused of drunk driving here in Texas. One is if they are accused of having a child in their car at the time of the alleged drunk driving. Such…

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