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2 Texas men charged with drug crimes

Like other states, Texas has its share of drug problems. For decades, law enforcement has been trying to get addictive substances off the streets, but the drug trade continues to be an issue. Often, those accused of selling or possessing drugs are also charged with other offenses, which they may commit to pay for their habits. One weapon authorities use in fighting drug crimes is enacting harsh penalties for those convicted.

Two local men are now facing such penalties. Police executed a search warrant on a residence where they reportedly found the men along with 34 weapons, including high-powered rifles and other firearms, some of which were allegedly stolen. The search also apparently revealed jewelry, tools and musical instruments. However, the charges the men face are for the controlled substances police claim were in the house.

After a DUI charge, is conviction all but automatic?

If you have been charged with DUI, it can be natural to feel helpless and hopeless. It is normal to feel confused too, especially if you did not realize that some people can get legally intoxicated in an hour or less on just two drinks. Also, officials may be saying things like, “Your BAC was over 0.08. Case closed.”

However, a DUI charge does not necessarily need to result in a conviction. One key is to enlist the help of an advocate as soon as possible. This person can challenge the circumstances of the arrest and the reliability of the breath/blood test, among other things. For example, maybe law enforcement mishandled your test.

Man facing DUI charge after driving captured on video

Holidays often bring an increased number of travelers on Texas roadways. To maintain safety during these times, there are frequently more police officers on patrol. Recently, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety, announced efforts to curb incidents of DUI during the Memorial Day weekend. Shortly after the effort was publicized, a driver was arrested for drunk driving.

A photographer for a Houston television station was driving on the evening of May 25. The photographer's vehicle had a camera mounted on the dash. The camera captured footage of a man driving a vehicle as he apparently crossed the center turn lane. The video showed that the car then went into a ditch before coming back onto the road.

What to do about your teen’s first-time offense

As a parent, you probably feel overwhelmed and concerned about the criminal charges your teen faces. You may also be confused about how it happened and what to do next, as it is your child’s first offense.  

With the right juvenile criminal defense attorney, you likely will have little to worry about. A lawyer experienced in working with minors can help you to understand the situation and how to address it most effectively to ensure it does not happen again. Your attorney can also help to reduce the consequences of the offense.

6 facing charges for drug crimes

Many police agencies often work together to combat illegal drug use in Texas and other states around the country. Alleged drug crimes are frequently identified by police officers in efforts to keep drugs off the streets and reduce the negative impact they have on peoples' lives. A recent incident resulted in the arrest of six people on a variety of drug charges.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office reported that six Richmond and Rosenberg residents between 19 and 29 years old were arrested following a search of a home. According to reports, officers had executed a search warrant for the residence. Police say they found drug paraphernalia that indicated the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of cocaine. Law enforcement officials claim they also discovered synthetic cannabinoids, Xanax and cocaine in their search.

Texas traffic stop leads to accusations of drug crimes

The vast majority of police officers in this country are committed to the pursuit of justice. Unfortunately, this desire can often result in overzealousness that results in a violation of a suspect's rights. For example, one woman may be wondering if her rights were violated following a Texas traffic stop that resulted in accusations of drug crimes.

The incident happened in April. Reports indicate that police stopped a vehicle for what they described as a minor traffic infraction. The 25-year-old male driver reportedly could not provide proof that he had insurance. He also had two outstanding arrest warrants related to drug charges.

What happens if I am caught with a bong or pipe in Texas?

You probably have an idea of how tough the state of Texas is on marijuana. While many other states have taken steps to decriminalize or legalize marijuana in various medical or recreational uses, Texas has stuck by its strict punishment for those possessing even less than two ounces. What you might not know is that possessing marijuana-related paraphernalia comes with serious consequences, too.

Texas drug laws classify possession of paraphernalia as a separate offense that may be tacked on to other possession or sale charges. Keep reading for answers about what constitutes criminal possession of drug paraphernalia and what the repercussions are.

How juvenile defense for those age 17 differs from other minors

An interesting study was recently conducted in Texas pertaining to teenage crime. A focal point of the study was whether the age of responsibility should be raised in this state. Currently, state law mandates those age 17 charged with crimes are to be tried as adults. Juvenile defense, then, is really no longer "juvenile" in such situations, not to mention that penalties under conviction could result in severe consequences.

The study analyzed crime patterns of those age 16, those age 17 and those age 18 and over. It became clear that the 17-year-old group committed crimes more similar to (and as often as) 16-year-olds than to those committed by adults.  With regard to the prison system, there appear to many problems associated with locking 17-year-old minors up with adults in prison. 

Teens and DUIs: When one mistake impacts the future

While parents may not want to hear it, the truth is that many teenagers drink alcohol. Sometimes, these same teenagers drink to excess, make unwise decisions and end up facing DUI charges. These charges can result in some rather hefty consequences. Here is a breakdown of what a teenager may face after a DUI arrest:

5 arrested on drug crimes in drug free zone

Drug free zones have been established in Texas and around the nation in efforts to protect children from exposure to the sale or use of drugs. Many locations, such as schools, pools or malls, are designated as drug free zones. If someone is arrested and convicted for drug crimes in one of these areas, the penalties are much more severe. Five people have recently been arrested for selling drugs in a drug free zone, according to the Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force.

A search warrant was executed by Task Force officers along with others from the Richmond Police Department and Fort Bend Regional SWAT. Police allegedly found numerous drugs in the search, including crack cocaine, Ecstasy and synthetic cannabinoids, among others. Apparently, paraphernalia that suggested illicit substances were being manufactured, packaged and distributed was also found.

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