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Music festival attendee charged with DUI/DWI related offenses

Music festivals and other such events often draw large crowds across Texas. Attendees spend the afternoon and evening listening to music, visiting with friends and sometimes having a drink or two. When it is time to go home, those who have had too much to drink depend upon friends or paid forms of transportation to take them home. However, if none are available, the temptation to go ahead and drive home can be great and can lead to charges of DUI/DWI.

Recently, after attending a local music festival, one 39-year-old man was apparently unable to secure alternate transportation home. There was a large demand for cabs, and one was not available when it was time for him to leave. As a result, he decided to drive home himself.

Juvenile defense: curfew lifted for minors in Austin

Many Texas cities have instituted a curfew for minors in efforts to reduce the amount of juvenile crime. Some officials argue that this practice has had little or no effect on the number of juvenile defense cases. It has also been noted that the curfew may actually increase juvenile crimes for certain demographics. Given these observations, the city of Austin has now lifted the curfew for anyone under 17.

The curfew was imposed in Austin in 1990. It stated that any minor could not be out in public between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. There had also been a daytime curfew that paralleled with the school calendar. The daytime curfew had been lifted in June.

Breathalyzer tests and Texas drivers

In the course of a typical DWI stop in Texas, police officers ask the driver to take a Breathalyzer test. The results are supposed to measure the blood alcohol concentration and ascertain whether it exceeds the legal limit.

Many drivers harbor misconceptions about Breathalyzer testing, which could end up seriously damaging their defense in the event of DUI charges. For this reason, no matter what you think you know, always speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible after a DWI arrest.

Over 80 charged with drug crimes in Austin

Many Texas cities cite problem areas where alleged drug activities occur. Often, undercover police officers infiltrate locations where drug crimes are suspected. Recently, Austin police officers issued warrants for over 80 people following a month-long operation.

The Street Narcotics Team of the Austin Police Department reported that officers purchased drugs from 81 suspects near the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH). Evidently, police had received complaints from people who claimed there were numerous drug sales around the facility. According to reports, cocaine had been purchased less than 1,000 feet from a school from one of the undercover officers.

How can I be convicted of DUI when I refused a test?

TV and movies make it seem as if Breathalyzer tests are necessary for someone to be charged with DUI and convicted. After all, there is rarely a scene where someone faces charges without a test in the picture. However, some people do refuse the tests, never get them and end up convicted anyway.

The reasons for conviction may be multifold but often narrow down to a few top ones such as lack of good representation and the believability of the evidence presented.

Man, woman charged with drug crimes following search of motel

Search warrants are often obtained by police officers in Texas when illicit activity is suspected. In many cases, information is provided to the police and they make a determination if further investigation is required. There are specific guidelines that must be followed to ensure that a search warrant is obtained legally and that procedures are properly followed. Recently, an arrest was made in Bexar County after a search warrant was obtained that resulted in two people being charged with alleged drug crimes.

According to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, information was received about the supposed sale of drugs in motel room on the East Side. A man and woman were reportedly involved in the sale. Surveillance was set up outside the motel after a search warrant had been obtained.

Adults who serve alcohol to minors put themselves at great risk

Serving an under-aged person alcohol in Texas is a crime. To be criminal, it need not transpire where the minor then gets behind the wheel after drinking.

Thus, serving a minor who will be staying over and sleeping it off is not a defense, even though it is likely much safer from a driving perspective.

Drug crimes: Kush lab found in Houston apartment complex

Texas is experiencing an increased number of incidents involving a synthetic drug named kush. Considered a synthetic cannabinoid, kush has a similar effect on its users as marijuana. As Houston has become a major hub for the manufacturing and distribution of the substance, drug crimes related to kush have increased. Authorities say that the discovery of a kush lab was recently made in a Houston apartment complex.

The Houston Fire Department responded to call from residents at an apartment building. The residents had apparently complained about an unusual odor in one of the units. Officers from the Houston Police Department also came to the complex. As the first responders searched the apartment, they say they discovered equipment and materials frequently used to manufacture kush. Upon this discovery, agents from the Texas Department of Public Safety came to assist in the case.

Drug crimes: five charged with sale of synthetic marijuana

If someone is arrested for possession or the sale of marijuana in the state of Texas, the penalties can be severe. Significant jail time is possible for those convicted of drug crimes involving marijuana. However, similar penalties can occur for someone who is convicted of selling synthetic cannibanoids. Five men were recently arrested for selling a synthetic drug called Kush at a Houston tattoo parlor.

The Houston Police Department reports that a warrant had been issued on an area tattoo parlor to search for drugs. A spokesperson for the police said that five men were arrested and now face charges for possession and intent to deliver Kush. Apparently, some of the suspects had warrants from previous drug charges. One of the men was also found with a purportedly stolen firearm.

Juvenile defense options for boys linked to vehicle crimes

When youths are suspected of committing crimes, they may face an uncertain future. Issues concerning juvenile offenses can be complicated, and the potential consequences may cause more damage than intended. Juvenile court adjudications, especially for felony counts, may destroy a young person's chances for a positive and productive future, making a solid juvenile defense important. In some instances, based upon the seriousness of the accusations, juveniles can be required to stand trial in adult court.

For example, four Texas teens are facing multiple charges for their alleged involvement in a string of vehicle thefts. Police received a call about a stolen pickup truck and trailer. Although they located the trailer, the truck was not tracked down until the next day when police found it nearly submerged in mud. After pulling the truck free with a bulldozer, officers deemed the vehicle a total loss.

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