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Drug crimes: five charged with sale of synthetic marijuana

If someone is arrested for possession or the sale of marijuana in the state of Texas, the penalties can be severe. Significant jail time is possible for those convicted of drug crimes involving marijuana. However, similar penalties can occur for someone who is convicted of selling synthetic cannibanoids. Five men were recently arrested for selling a synthetic drug called Kush at a Houston tattoo parlor.

The Houston Police Department reports that a warrant had been issued on an area tattoo parlor to search for drugs. A spokesperson for the police said that five men were arrested and now face charges for possession and intent to deliver Kush. Apparently, some of the suspects had warrants from previous drug charges. One of the men was also found with a purportedly stolen firearm.

Juvenile defense options for boys linked to vehicle crimes

When youths are suspected of committing crimes, they may face an uncertain future. Issues concerning juvenile offenses can be complicated, and the potential consequences may cause more damage than intended. Juvenile court adjudications, especially for felony counts, may destroy a young person's chances for a positive and productive future, making a solid juvenile defense important. In some instances, based upon the seriousness of the accusations, juveniles can be required to stand trial in adult court.

For example, four Texas teens are facing multiple charges for their alleged involvement in a string of vehicle thefts. Police received a call about a stolen pickup truck and trailer. Although they located the trailer, the truck was not tracked down until the next day when police found it nearly submerged in mud. After pulling the truck free with a bulldozer, officers deemed the vehicle a total loss.

4 ways a DUI impacts everyday life

Drinking and driving is a serious offense if a person ends up with a conviction. A first offense could lead to up to 180 days in jail and up to a $2,000 fine. However, these penalties are not the only negative outcomes. 

People arrested for a DUI need to fight the charges because the consequences extend far beyond initial fines. One conviction can impact a person’s life for years to come.

Texas City commisioner facing charges related to alleged DUI/DWI

It is never a wise decision for a driver to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks. In Texas, the penalty for DUI/DWI can range from losing a license and fines to time in jail. The consequences are more dire when a fatal accident occurs. A Galveston accident involving an elected Texas City official recently claimed the life of two pedestrians.

According to police, a pickup truck was parked on the shoulder of a road on the I-45 causeway in Galveston. A 59-year-old man and his 33-year-old son were standing near the driver's side of the truck. The man's son-in-law was working in the bed of the truck as the other men waited.

How are underage DUI cases different from regular ones?

In Texas, the legal drinking age is 21. Minors definitely do not want to be caught in possession of alcohol, and they definitely do not want to be caught operating a vehicle under the influence.

2015 saw 384 teenagers under the age of 18 get arrested for driving while intoxicated. All parents hope their kids never end up as part of that statistic, and it is crucial for parents to inform their children of the dangers possible if they drive drunk. While many parts of Texas DUI law are similar regardless if a person is under or over the age of 21, there are some key differences.

State bill offers new option for first-time DWI charges

Drunk driving in Texas can result in a variety of penalties, including fines and license suspension, fines and possible imprisonment. In September, a new state law will go into effect that will hopefully make roads safer. The law will also offer those facing a DWI charge for the first time an opportunity to wipe their records clean.

A Republican state senator as well as the Democractic chairwoman supported the initiative, known as the second chance bill. Mothers Against Drunk Driving also endorsed the legislation. The state governor recently signed the bill into law.

2 Texas men charged with drug crimes

Like other states, Texas has its share of drug problems. For decades, law enforcement has been trying to get addictive substances off the streets, but the drug trade continues to be an issue. Often, those accused of selling or possessing drugs are also charged with other offenses, which they may commit to pay for their habits. One weapon authorities use in fighting drug crimes is enacting harsh penalties for those convicted.

Two local men are now facing such penalties. Police executed a search warrant on a residence where they reportedly found the men along with 34 weapons, including high-powered rifles and other firearms, some of which were allegedly stolen. The search also apparently revealed jewelry, tools and musical instruments. However, the charges the men face are for the controlled substances police claim were in the house.

After a DUI charge, is conviction all but automatic?

If you have been charged with DUI, it can be natural to feel helpless and hopeless. It is normal to feel confused too, especially if you did not realize that some people can get legally intoxicated in an hour or less on just two drinks. Also, officials may be saying things like, “Your BAC was over 0.08. Case closed.”

However, a DUI charge does not necessarily need to result in a conviction. One key is to enlist the help of an advocate as soon as possible. This person can challenge the circumstances of the arrest and the reliability of the breath/blood test, among other things. For example, maybe law enforcement mishandled your test.

Man facing DUI charge after driving captured on video

Holidays often bring an increased number of travelers on Texas roadways. To maintain safety during these times, there are frequently more police officers on patrol. Recently, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety, announced efforts to curb incidents of DUI during the Memorial Day weekend. Shortly after the effort was publicized, a driver was arrested for drunk driving.

A photographer for a Houston television station was driving on the evening of May 25. The photographer's vehicle had a camera mounted on the dash. The camera captured footage of a man driving a vehicle as he apparently crossed the center turn lane. The video showed that the car then went into a ditch before coming back onto the road.

What to do about your teen’s first-time offense

As a parent, you probably feel overwhelmed and concerned about the criminal charges your teen faces. You may also be confused about how it happened and what to do next, as it is your child’s first offense.  

With the right juvenile criminal defense attorney, you likely will have little to worry about. A lawyer experienced in working with minors can help you to understand the situation and how to address it most effectively to ensure it does not happen again. Your attorney can also help to reduce the consequences of the offense.

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